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/ Race to the finish: Marching Band entertains with car themed performances

Race to the finish: Marching Band entertains with car themed performances

Posted: Nov 19, 2012


 Olivet’s 191-member marching band finished the marching season with their Homecoming performance of “The Race.”

Checkered flags, an announcer and a skilled marching band came to entertain during the halftime show at football games throughout the 2012 season.

Based on the idea of a car race, it was fast-paced and upbeat, with complicated music and drill moves.

“We’re different than a normal collegiate show. I feel that we need to challenge students in a different way,” Marching Band Director Ryan Schultz said.

Schultz, who is now full time faculty-staff at Olivet, arranged all the music except for the percussion feature which was arranged by Dr. Matt Jacklin.

“Professor Schultz is a great leader and really knows how to connect with students,” said senior Joy Matthews, second-year drum major.

Because of the leadership of Professor Schultz and the increased talent level of the students, Matthews thinks that it’s the “best year we’ve had.”

Every year, the band starts practicing two weeks before school and continues to practice during the year. Rather than performing a new show every week, they work on one show. By the end of the season, the show is complete and at its best.

“Our talent level over the years has gotten better,” Schultz explained. “We try to push the envelope on what we can do.”

Schultz graduated from Olivet in 2006 and came back in 2008 specifically for the marching band. He wants to see how far the band can go by continually challenging them.

But you don’t have to major in music to participate in this exciting and rewarding experience. All students are welcome in enjoying the band’s success, now and for years to come.


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