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/ “I can hear you!” ONU grad ends decade of silence for deaf mother

“I can hear you!” ONU grad ends decade of silence for deaf mother

This article was originally posted on Feb 11, 2013, re-posted on Nov 18, 2015

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Following a cochlear implant by Dr. William Slattery, Dawn Keim is able to hear her son's voice for the first time.

When Dawn Keim gradually began losing her hearing fifteen years ago, she was convinced she would never hear her loved ones ever again. Now, thanks to a cochlear implant from Dr. William Slattery, she’s hearing the voice of her eight-year-old son for the very first time.

Featured on the CBS daytime talk show “The Doctors,” as well as the Huffington Post, the touching video of Dawn’s first “hearing” encounter with her son has already gone viral.

“Hey mom, can you hear me?” Asher says walking into the room where his mom has been waiting. Turning around in surprise, Dawn answers with an emphatic, “Yes!”

Dr. Slattery, a 1984 grad of Olivet, performed the cochlear implant at the House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles, Calif., where he is director of the Clinical Studies Department. Regarded as one of the top physicians in his field, Dr. Slattery’s research has focused on bringing hope and healing not only to the deaf, but the profoundly deaf, in particular. Dr. Slattery has won nearly every major award given in his profession and community. He has served as a NASA Space Shuttle Physician and performed surgery on a Who’s Who list of celebrities and national leaders — including the late President of the United States Ronald Reagan.

For his contributions to the medical field, his love for the global Church, and the manner in which he represents the University’s ideals, Olivet recognized Dr. Slattery with the 2002 “O” Award, the highest honor given to ONU alumni.