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Freshman to watch: Kara Anne Evans

Posted: Oct 23, 2013

It’s the cry of her heart: to go wherever God takes her next. When freshman Kara Anne Evans (Valparaiso, Ind.) came to Olivet, she was making one of the hardest decisions of her life.

The daughter of Pastor Shawn and Ashley Evans of the Valparaiso Nazarene Church, she grew up as a pastor’s kid. And with certain expectations that her parents had for her.

Going to Olivet was one expectation she wasn’t sure she wanted to fulfill. She just wasn’t convinced that this was the right place for her. But through a series of events, she found out that Olivet was where she belonged, and it all had to do with music.

Ministry teams at Olivet have always flourished in churches and at youth camps. They travel around the Olivet region, leading worship and singing for churches. Kara Anne knew about these ministry teams and knew that she wanted to use her talents in this ministry.

But this still wasn’t enough to convince her to come to Olivet. So she visited another university — and soon found out what wasn’t for her.

At home with the unexpected

After seeing other universities and considering the opportunities at Olivet, she knew that she needed to be at Olivet. She is now a part of the All Things New ministry team.

“I had no idea what I was getting myself into,” Kara Anne says as she talks about her first days with the team.

She uses her talent of singing to lead worship at youth camps and churches. Traveling life consists of long bus rides and little sleep, but she loves the experience.

Now that she is on campus as a freshman student, she realizes that being a member of a band is more than just music and practice. Now she considers the members of All Things New as her best friends and a ministry family. Every Thursday night, they get together for “band dinner.”

“We hang out and talk about our weeks and what God is doing in our lives. We pray, laugh and sometimes cry together,” Kara Anne says.

“Kara Anne is a talented individual. She has had great opportunities to showcase her talent that not many folks her age have. Her warm spirit and friendly personality are contagious, and her love for the Lord is evident,” Jonathan Burkey, the ministry team coordinator, says.

Made new in song and in faith

Being part of this group has also led her to incredible new opportunities, including leading worship for the student body in the first chapel of the new school year.

“It’s been awesome having Kara Anne in our band this year,” says Joel Deckard, bass player in All Things New. “I was thinking about that during the first chapel. I could tell she was nervous, but she did an awesome job. We know from Twitter that everybody wants her to come back and sing again.”

In Kara Anne’s Olivet adventure, each day is filled with the new. In fact, she has been made new.

“I’ve always had a relationship with God, and I’ve always known what He wanted me to do in certain situations,” she says. “But that’s not always what I did. I’ve started surrendering everything that I have and everything that I am to Him. I think that’s the newer aspect of me in college. I’ve come to this total surrender point.”