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Financial planner with big plans

Posted: Jun 10, 2014


"Communication is important, especially when dealing with money." — Treavor Dodsworth

Treavor Dodsworth graduated on May 10. The very next day, a photographer from Chicago arrived in Bourbonnais for a photo shoot with him on Olivet’s campus — his alma mater.

In addition to securing a full-time position at a financial planning firm in Indianapolis, Treavor was chosen by InvestmentNews as one of five recent college graduates to be featured in its blog. Treavor’s first year in the financial planning industry, as well as the photos taken on campus, will be featured on InvestmentNews’ website.

Onlookers might have assumed that Treavor was a celebrity. “He took pictures of me behind Chapman and by the clock tower. He was much more intense and professional than any other photographer I’ve seen,” says Treavor. “He was even hired to take pictures of the last four presidents. It was a really cool experience.”

Honored Olivet grad

Treavor graduated with degrees in accounting and finance/economics. While at Olivet, he served in several leadership positions including as sophomore class representative, vice president of finance and a resident assistant.

Treavor handles pages as well as cash. He is an avid reader, with C.S. Lewis among his favorite authors and Lewis’ Screwtape Letters among his favorite books. He also loves to travel and, while a student at Olivet, Treavor went on mission trips to Argentina and Papua New Guinea.

An Honors Program graduate, he completed his honors research project on the buying and selling of corn futures contracts in order to form a strategy for profitable trading. Since his family farms in Colorado, Treavor says that it was his dad who initially sparked his interest in corn futures and trading. “It’s like trying to solve a very complex and dynamic puzzle,” he says.

Before the summer of 2013, NorthWest Financial requested interns from Olivet. Treavor headed to Indianapolis as the chosen candidate and at the end of his internship was offered a job.

Treavor knows that the education he has received in the past four years — inside and outside of the classroom — has been invaluable. He credits business professor Ralph Goodwin for life lessons that are already influencing his career. “He taught me how business could be used in the workplace as a witnessing tool,” says Treavor.

Personal future strategy

Olivet equipped him spiritually as well as professionally for the next stage of his life. “I learned how to deal with people and how to relate with people from many different backgrounds. Communication is important, especially when dealing with money,” he says.

In less than one month, Treavor will be working for NorthWest Financial full-time.

A wedding is also in his near future. Treavor’s first home with Allison Wiseman (class of ’13) after their June 13 wedding will be in Richmond, Indiana. It’s far from Colorado, but Treavor is not worried about the Midwest setting. “I like Indianapolis a lot, so I know I’ll be happy working there.”

“I’m really excited for what’s next,” says Treavor. “I’m graduating, getting married and moving to a new place. They’re big changes, but they’re good ones.”

Olivet's School of Education is among the top six largest producers of teachers among all Illinois colleges and universities.