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She reads — and writes — truth

Posted: Aug 06, 2014


"When we lost our daughter, we learned to appreciate life."


Raechel's husband, Ryan, graduated from Olivet in 2005 with a degree in graphic design. Oliver and Hazel star in her blog.


She Reads Truth hit #103 in the app store. Ryan was the designer of the app.


Just before graduating from Olivet in 2005, Raechel (Pennington) Myers received the Alumna Award from Dr. Diane Richardson and the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Two years later, Raechel questioned whether she had truly been the most likely to succeed. A stay-at-home mom, she didn’t believe her interior design degree was getting much use outside of the Myers’ home.

Little did Raechel know just how vast her influence would be. Today, she is a renowned blogger and co-founder of She Reads Truth, a ministry that reaches thousands of lives well beyond her backyard in Franklin, Tennessee.

“The Lord knew all along,” she says.

Legacy of a little heart 

“It’s hard to tell Evie’s story without telling the whole story,” says Raechel, recounting how her blogging ministry began.

During her fourth pregnancy, Raechel and her husband Ryan ’05 found out that a little girl would be added to their family of three (on this side of heaven). They named her Evie Grace.

Their 20-week ultrasound turned into a concerning journey to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. Doctors revealed that Evie had Trisomy 9, a chromosomal disorder which resulted in a heart defect and fluid on the brain of their little girl.

“Everything was the same,” Raechel says, remembering how she could still feel the baby somersaulting inside her belly the next morning. “But I knew that everything had changed.”

During the next 11 weeks of carrying her daughter whose heaven day would come much sooner than her own, she sent emails to family and friends.

“We knew we couldn’t do it on our own,” she says. “We sent the emails to say, ‘We need the body of Christ right now.’

“The reach grew. Those on the email list and in our local church became an immense support to us.”

After Evie was born into the arms of Jesus, Raechel knew that people still wanted to be updated — and that is when she began to blog.

Growing following, growing family 

“I just invited people to come if they wanted to,” she says, “and God grew it and grew it and grew it.”

Raechel’s blog became her testimony. “I get to share what it is to be in Christ. Every day, we are celebrating the lives of our kids and God at work.”

Today, her blog brims with photos of her towheaded blondes: Oliver, who loves wearing striped shorts, and his little sister Hazel, who usually gets to pick out which movies they watch.

“The next moment might be crazier than ever,” she admits in one blog entry, “but this moment, this is one I want to remember.”

Raechel’s blog also incorporates designing, sewing, and product giveaways — as well as homeschooling tips and cupcakes. By networking through her blog, Raechel was given the opportunity to “flex those design muscles” by becoming a partner with children’s furniture company The Land of Nod®.

“Designing from home with projects I love is my dream job,” she says.

No pause to His plans 

In May of 2012, Raechel connected with women on Twitter who expressed a desire to read Scripture together regularly. They quickly realized that many Christian women desired this accountability.

“Our followers were watching,” Raechel recalls, thanking God for the platform of social media.

The hashtag #SheReadsTruth went viral. “It went nuts only like the Lord could make it do,” Raechel says. She Reads Truth became a website and “a community of women who are committed to reading the Bible daily.”

Raechel is in awe of a simple hashtag’s reach. “I’ve even had friends tell me about She Reads Truth, asking if I’ve heard of it,” she laughs.

Reflecting on Dr. Richardson's sweet exhortation to success nine years ago at Olivet, and the joys and sorrows of life that followed, Raechel can see how each moment bears God’s fingerprints. She views each success — and indeed each sorrow — as opportunities to bring Him glory.

"We'd take Evie back in a second," she says. "But The Father's plans are good. He is to be praised!"

Raechel’s blog can be found at The women’s daily devotional is available at and the She Reads Truth app (designed by Ryan) was released for iPhones in July 2014. With over 47,000 downloads already, Raechel is “so in awe of God’s hand at work!”


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