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Art Teaching

  •  Available as major (B.S. degree) and minor
    See a student's face light up when they find success in something they create. Surround yourself with creative young people. Share your excitement about art and its history. Impact lives with artistic expression. Become an art teacher.
  • As an art teacher, help your students learn about and experience fine and applied art, such as painting and sculpture, design, photography, digital media and more. Encourage them to think creatively.

    At Olivet, you can:

    • Study Photoshop, watercolor, history of art, ceramics, early adolescent development, teaching art in elementary schools.
    • Observe art classes in local schools. See how teachers tackle such challenges as grading art projects fairly, making classrooms safe, introducing students to art from many traditions, and teaching skills while allowing students to express themselves.
    • Do your student teaching for a semester before you graduate. This is your chance to put your observations to the test, with guidance from an experienced teacher.
    • And so much more!

    Learn the dynamics of teaching art, including how to:

    • choose the training methods that will help your students learn 
    • speak to and affirm your students
    • think critically so that you can solve problems in the classroom as they arise 
    • use different media to create art — chalk, paint, paper, markers, play dough, glue, pencils, brushes, glitter and anything else you can think of!
    • incorporate art into play. Help your students turn their creative energy into works of art by creating their own designs, sketching outlines, brushing on paint. 

    Discover the art of lesson planning. In this creative process, mix your knowledge of art history, methods, and materials with your students' energy, interests and age level. Help your students see art in use all around them.

    Putting knowledge to work

    Field experiences — Before your student teaching experience, you will complete between 100 to 130 hours of field experiences. The Teacher Education Program will assist you in securing the school placements for all your field experiences. Our Student Education Association (SEA) is an organization to help you do additional “educational service” activities each academic year.

    Student teaching — Your student teaching assignment gives you experience in taking on more responsibilities for directing the learning activities of a group of students in a “real-world” classroom. The minimum time is 60 full official school days. You will be supervised by a classroom teacher, the principal of the school, and the university supervisor. A faculty member will observe you on site. This is a time for you to grow, learn and develop as a teacher.

    Volunteer to be part of the annual Homecoming for Kids. Plan and lead hands-on art activities for children under age 10 while earning practicum hours.

    Enjoy class trips to Chicago – gallery visits, gallery talks, insights into careers in art, tours of the Art Institute of Chicago, and so much more.

    Student Education Association (SEA) — SEA empowers you and other future educators to invest in the lives of the next generation. Through professional and social activities, you will bond with other students, faculty and educators who are already working in their chose careers. SEA is the largest student organization on campus with more than 200 students who take part in activities each year. We make a major impact in the surrounding school districts and community!


    If you:

    • Enjoy creating and discussing art
    • Have fun working with children
    • Are energetic and enthusiastic
    • Believe in the value of art for our educational system
    • Want to make sure the next generation appreciates art

    then a career in art teaching may be right for you.

    Possible careers include: teaching art in a public, private or charter school; teaching art online; teaching private art lessons to adults and children; teaching art classes at an art museum; directing an education program at an art museum; working with a nonprofit arts organization; teaching art in an after-school program; teaching at assisted living centers, senior centers, juvenile detention centers, homeless shelters, pregnancy resource centers, women’s shelters; guest artist for a state arts council; substitute teacher; retail craft coordinator; writer for art books, magazines, blogs, website, textbooks; illustrator for children’s books; consultant for art supply catalog or store.


    National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)

    This is a brief over view of what the School of Education and the Department of Art and Digital Media offer to students. For more detailed information about procedures and requirements, go to the online catalog.

    Art Education is part of the Department of Art and Digital Media within the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Education.

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  • Share your passion for art with the next generation as an art educator.

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