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  • Art Major (B.S. degree) with Photography concentration
    Tell a story. Document an event. Capture a scene. Create a keepsake. Collaborate with writers, graphic designers, reporters, scientists and many other professionals. Become a professional photographer.
  • With a concentration in digital photography, you sharpen your skills with still and video cameras, lenses, lighting and software. Learn to create images for use on posters, advertisements and a variety of Web-based applications. Learn and practice event and portrait photography. Explore the reaches of photojournalism.

    At Olivet, you can:

    • Have access to work in our digital photography studio.
    • Complete assignments like “A Day in the Life of a Zip Code,” spending 24 hours photographing the experiences and expressions of people who are living there.
    • Minor in marketing, and develop your skills in promoting and selling your work.
    • Learn about budgeting and adjusting for reality when doing projects for clients or companies.
    • Review your portfolio with art professors during your sophomore year.
    • Use a variety of cameras for visual expression, considering composition, color balance and lighting.
    • And so much more!

    Putting knowledge to work

    Work on campus as a student photographer. Capture life at Olivet visually. Your photos may be used for publicizing events, news items, marketing and more.

    Volunteer to be part of the annual Homecoming for Kids. Plan and lead hands-on art activities for children under age 10 while earning practicum hours.

    Enjoy class trips to Chicago – gallery visits, gallery talks, insights into careers in art, tours of the Art Institute of Chicago, and so much more.

    We encourage all students to be part of a study abroad program, such as the Council for Christian Colleges and University’s Best Semester program. Expand your knowledge and deepen your understand of other countries and cultures.

    Most students complete internships and externships. During the school year, opportunities are available on campus. Discover off-campus opportunities to pursue over the summer. Get credit, get paid and get job experience.


    You might be interested in a career as a professional photographer if you: 

    • are more comfortable observing than leading an activity
    • can quickly see situations from a variety of perspectives 
    • have a creative bent and artistic flair
    • enjoy learning about and working with new gadgets and technology
    • listen well to instructions
    • arrive early or on time for appointments
    • adapt easily to changes 
    • can continue to work well under tight deadlines and stressful situations
    • are flexible and a quick thinker
    • have good eyesight and eye-hand coordination
    • are patient
    • value accuracy and attention to details
    • enjoy work that is different from day to day

    Possible careers include: commercial photographer, studio photographer, photojournalist, industrial photographer, scientific photographer, fine arts photographer, news photographer, freelance photographer

    Freshman Art Scholarship Form

    Photography concentration is part of the Department of Art and Digital Media within the College of Arts and Sciences.

  • Photography Right Image

  • Prepare for a career in photography while learning from professors who have built their own successful photography businesses.   

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    Scott Dombrowski

    William Greiner

    Mary Beth Koszut

    Gary Thomas

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