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Multimedia Journalism

  • Available as a concentration
    Natural disasters. Political changes. Medical breakthroughs. Heroic tales. As a journalist, you will constantly uncover critical information – and have the power and responsibility to share it with the world.
  • At Olivet, you will receive the training and experience to prepare you for a successful career in journalism. What’s more, teaching from a Christian perspective will help you sort through complex ethical issues that journalists confront.

    Multimedia Journalism is a concentration within Multimedia Communication.

    At Olivet, you can: 

    • Write stories with more than just text. Integrate multimedia — audio clips, videos, photo galleries, interactive infographics — for mobile and online platforms.
    • Work for Access ONU, our campus news magazine, reporting, anchoring or as behind-the-scenes producer, director, technical director, editor or production assistant.
    • Take photography courses to enhance your capabilities. Work in the on-campus still photo studio. 
    • Work on the staff of the award-winning GlimmerGlass campus newspaper. 
    • Gain hands-on experience during an exciting internship.
    • And experience so much more.

    Benefit from the skills and knowledge of professors who are already successful media professionals. 

    • Dr. Heather (Attig) McLaughlin is an award-winning video producer certified in Final Cut Pro 7 and Color, well-versed in Adobe products, CMS, and proficient in the operation of HD video and still cameras.
    • Professor Mark Bishop has worked as a weather broadcaster for TV networks in Chicago; Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska; and Rockford, Illinois.
    • Professor Jerry Cohagan has performed in theatre productions and commercials nationwide. 

    Spend a semester in New York City earning credit toward your Olivet degree. Learn from top-notch Christian journalism faculty and engage with other writers with NYC Semester at The King's College.  Develop your professional news skills and think through the implications of being a Christian working in the news media.


    You might be interested in a journalism career if you are:

    • A writer who is skilled at expressing ideas. 
    • Curious. 
    • Comfortable asking questions.
    • Eager to understand and tell people’s stories.
    • Committed to researching and finding answers.
    • Enjoy talking with people about their lives.
    • Interested in current events.

    Possible multimedia journalism careers include: writer, multimedia editor, multimedia reporter, correspondent, photo editor, digital media developer, media intelligence analyst, social media coordinator, social media editor, technical and creative director, news gathering/planning editor, program editor, sports editor, sports reporter, correspondent, freelance news writer, copy editor, researcher, online reporter/content provider, financial writer, page designer, publications editor, news director, freelance journalist, associate editor, beat reporter

    Multimedia Journalism is part of the Department of Communication within the College of Arts and Sciences.

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  • Gain résumé-building experience by working for GlimmerGlass, Olivet's highly acclaimed student newspaper.

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