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Youth Ministry

  • Available as major (B.S. degree) and minor. This major has been approved by the Course of Study Advisory Committee to meet educational requirements for ordination as an elder/deacon in the Church of the Nazarene.
    Remember the believers who took time to share the Gospel with you and help you grow in Christ? Now, it’s your turn. You have the opportunity to influence the next generations for Jesus Christ. 

  • With up to 65 percent of the population in many countries under the age of 25, the need for youth ministry continues to grow. Many define youth as a separate culture. Their view of the life, the world, truth and the Christian faith are radically different from previous generations.

    Millions of teens in the U.S. are living without foundation or focus. They are looking for role models, heroes and mentors. They need followers of Christ to tell them about Jesus.

    Churches need youth ministry professionals who know our culture, our youth and the strengths of our faith. They need: 

    • Creative thinkers who are able to operate within the boundaries of rules and requirements
    • Communicators who easily use a variety of media and messaging
    • Mature believers with an eagerness to relate to young people — and their families — where they are
    • Leaders who stay in touch with the current culture of our youth
    • Leaders who can equip lay persons to engage in youth ministry

    You realize that our young people are the Church of today and tomorrow. You are ready to serve. We will help you become the leader you want and need to be.

    At Olivet, you can:  

    • Study spiritual formation, church in mission, contemporary ministries, Christian education, biblical hermeneutics (interpretation), adolescent and adult development.
    • Volunteer in the youth ministry of a local congregation and see what life in ministry is like.
    • Learn from professors who have served congregations in youth ministry.
    • And so much more!

    Putting knowledge to work

    Community ministry experience and a full summer internship are part of the degree requirements.

    • In your final year, you are assigned to a church for ministry with a staff or neighboring youth pastor as your mentor. You also take classes on campus and complete a final project.
    • Missions in Action (M.I.A.)[link to M.I.A. page] sponsors student mission trips to serve people living on the continents of Asia, Africa, South America as well as in the U.S.


    Do these characteristics describe you? 

    • High energy
    • Creative
    • Relational
    • Patient
    • Dependable
    • Concern and love for youth
    • Respect for families
    • Enjoy explaining your Christian faith in basic ways
    • Flexible
    • Comfortable with the latest messaging and Internet technology
    • Communicate easily using a variety of communication tools
    • Nonjudgmental
    • At ease when asking others for help

    Then consider a career working with tweens and teens as a youth minister.

    Possible careers include: youth pastor, pastor to youth and families, generations director, parachurch director, denominational youth specialist, camp director+.

    Youth Ministry is within the School of Theology and Christian Ministry