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  • Available as a major (B.S. degree) and minor
    “A student walks through my office door holding a snake. What’s so big about that? His curiosity about the outdoors is growing. He is actually seeing the natural beauty of the world God created.” Dr. Leo Finkenbinder, professor

  • Looking for a degree in zoology from a Christian university? Olivet is one of only a few that offers unique courses and training to prepare you for your career.

    At Olivet, you can:

    • See the incredible diversity of life. Study the life cycles and lifestyles of organisms that you culture as part of the invertebrate zoology course. 
    • Go scuba diving and research fish at nearby Haigh Quarry. Compare your data among the transects and between research groups.
    • Help build a taxonomic collection as part of a vertebrate natural history and anatomy field project in Big Rock. Understand more about climate change and how animals change over time.
    • And so much more!


    If you want to study the incredible diversity of animals — both in the laboratory and in natural habitats, their classifications, life cycles and behaviors — then zoology is for you.

    Possible careers include: zookeeper, wildlife educator, researcher, wildlife rehabilitator, field trip guide in a park and more!

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  • Olivet is one of only a handful of Christian colleges offering a degree in zoology.

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