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Parents & Families

  • Family matters!
  • College is a rite of passage, a significant season of transition as students make their way from dependence to independence. One aspect of this process is that students leave their families (in a way) to become part of this family, the Olivet family.

    While most colleges and universities have given up the concept of in loco parentis, the Latin phrase for “in the place or role of a parent,” Olivet has not. Olivet provides a safety net for those who are just learning to walk on the high wire of life, just letting go of adolescence so that they can take hold of adulthood.

    Therefore, at Olivet, we still assume a kind of parental role. We do so respectfully and yet purposefully, believing that this is part of our mission. Why? Because we are family, and family matters.

    Once you visit with our Olivet community, you will learn that we are a family with a rich heritage and a promising future.

    The Undergraduate Admissions Team is here to journey with you as we assist you in navigating through the college search process. We want what is best for your child, too!

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  • Parents and Families

  • At Olivet, we are a family — and family matters!