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Health Services

  • We may not have Grandma’s chicken soup recipe or that favorite blanket from home. But rest assured, moms — the friendly staff at Olivet’s Health Services will take care of your ailing children!
  • At Olivet Nazarene University, we take health seriously. Our Office of Health Services strives to provide complete, personalized, quality health care for all students. Our mission is to enhance the educational process by modifying or removing health-related barriers to learning, to promote an optimal level of wellness, and to enable the individual to make informed decisions about health-related concerns. 

    Office Hours
    Office hours are 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m Monday-Friday.

    Nursing Staff 
    Our Family Nurse Practitioner is available weekdays by appointment.

    Allergy Injections
    Hours: Please call (815) 939-5256 (ext. 5256 on campus) for hours when our allergy nurse is available. There is a minimal charge for administering allergy shots.

    Pharmacy service
    Following assessment by the nurse, some over-the-counter medications can be dispensed at no charge. When ordered by the school physician, a limited number of prescription drugs are available for a minimal charge. Items may be charged to the student’s account, or the student has the option of using his or her private insurance at other pharmacies in town.

    Laboratory service
    Simple tests such as throat cultures, urinalysis and glucose tests can be performed for a minimal charge. Treatment can be given based on the results, and prescription medication may be given after consulting with the physician.

    Referrals to an area specialist for consultation and treatment are made whenever necessary.

    All students’ health records are completely confidential within the Office of Counseling and Health Services. Information is not released to anyone without permission from the student.

    Health/Admission requirements Health forms are required on all students born AFTER 1956, upon admission to Olivet. A summary of the required health information includes: medical history; a physical exam within the last 12 months, prior to enrollment; proof of immunizations as dictated by Illinois state law.

    Immunization Policy

    Immunization Instructions

    Pre-Entrance Health Form Instructions

    Religious/Moral Exemption

    Olivet Nazarene University Health Service

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  • Olivet's Office of Health Services strives to provide personalized, quality health care for all students.