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  • Accolades

    Issue III, 2012

    Olivet Nazarene University continues to receive outside affirmation of the quality of an Olivet experience, including being named to U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Colleges” list and being recognized as a “College of Distinction.”  

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    Exceeding Expectations

    Issue II, 2012

    From renowned authors to businessmen to performers, Olivet’s professors bring a wealth of real-world knowledge and experience to the classroom, offering nothing but the best for our students! ONU faculty continue to provide “Education with a Christian Purpose” with the highest degree of excellence.

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    A Firm Foundation

    Issue I, 2012

    Three thousand miles from home, Joshua Ayers battled constant rejection, personal doubts and even immigration laws. But he knew that God had laid the foundation for something special as he worked to become a professional soccer player in Ecuador. "Fear and doubt would creep in, but it's a matter of having more faith than fear and doubt. And believing God for the impossible."

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    Deep and Wide

    Issue IV, 2011

    University life often brings together people who never would have met anywhere else — in the classroom or laboratory, on the court or field, during a chapel service, or even across the country. As Wendy Ellis ’12 Ed.D. puts it: “God orchestrated it.” What results is new enthusiasm for learning and life.

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    Ambition Untamed

    Issue III, 2011

    Who says it takes a lifetime to make your dreams come true? Just barely out of college, these alumni are already on the fast track to achieving success in its various forms. Whether they aspire to climb the corporate ladder, travel the world, or give their lives away in full-time ministry, Olivetians are making an impact in their homes, in their churches and in their communities around the globe.

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    Our Most Precious Gift

    Issue II, 2011

    Learning to let go is never easy, especially when it comes to leaving your child in the care of strangers hundreds of miles from home. In this issue, parents and grandparents tell of the ups and downs of sharing their most precious gift with Olivet — and why they’re glad they did.

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    Double Athlete. Single Focus.

    Issue I, 2011

    Devin Johnston ’13 knows a thing or two about balance. As a math education major who plays two sports, she’s one busy gal, but she knows how to keep first things first. She says, “My whole life is focused on Christ.”

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    This is Your House

    Fall 2010

    From the opening anthem of praise to the closing benediction, the dedication for the Betty and Kenneth Hawkins Centennial Chapel was a beautiful service of celebration and thanksgiving that will not be soon forgotten.

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    All or Nothing

    Summer 2010

    When Timothy Stephansen ’11 traveled to Burkina Faso with his professors and other students from the English department, he was prepared to teach African university students how to write and format their thesis papers. What he wasn’t prepared for was all the lessons they would ultimately teach him.

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    First Class

    Spring 2010

    As a 30-year veteran in the health care industry, Svea Emerson '10 Ed.D. didn't feel as though continuing her education was necessary until she learned about how Olivet's Doctor of Education in Ethical Leadership could diversify and augment her credentials. She shares her experience in becoming one of the first doctoral graduates of Olivet Nazarene University.

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    Beyond the Books

    Winter 2010

    The knowledge that students gain from their textbooks pales in comparison to what they learn from professors both in and outside of the classroom.

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    Fall 2009

    A well-respected lawyer for a large firm, Kristy Hall '96 was tempted to listen to the pestering messages that ran through her head. You should stick with this job. It's a good paycheck. It makes sense. But Kristy knew life could be about so much more than deferring to the "shoulds." So, she took a leap of faith, and in the process, found joy and purpose.

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    Special Issue: Olivet at General Assembly

    Summer 2009

    What difference does an "Education with a Christian Purpose" make? Dr. Bowling, Dr. Carl Leth, two alumni and two students answer this question in their own words. Also included is a full schedule of Olivet's involvement at General Assembly 2009.

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    A Day in the Life of ONU

    Spring 2009

    We chose a day at random — March 25, 2009 — and then asked our photography students to document what they observed on that day. This issue is their diary. A snapshot in time. A brief glimpse into the life and mission of our students, faculty and staff as seen through the camera lens.

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    30 Under 30

    Winter 2009

    How quickly ONU alumni hit the ground running after graduation! A quick snapshot of the impact some of our youngest alumni are already making on the world.

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    Joined in the Journey

    Fall 2008

    When Brittany Anderson '09 was born with cerebral palsy, doctors predicted she'd never even be able to graduate high school. Challenged rather than defeated by the naysayers, Brittany is now triumphing over one obstacle after another. Joined in her journey is Paul Meyer '59, who has overcome a few hurdles himself.

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    Chapel at Olivet

    Special Issue 2008

    The new chapel at Olivet will announce in brick and mortar the spiritual commitment of the campus. But the most important thing is not what the building looks like, but what will happen in hearts and lives during chapel services, week in and week out, for the next 100 years.

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    We Believe. You Blog Here.

    Summer 2008

    Snippets of life from the ONU blogosphere. Featuring blogs by Katie (Cook) Brabson '03, Bethany Sackett '08, Erin (Erwin) Rexroth '03, Ben Kumor '04, and Seth Hurd '06/'08 MA.

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    Carried by the Spirit

    Spring 2008

    The impact made by Olivet Nazarene University is carried to the farthest reaches of the globe, one student and alumnus at a time, through the immeasurable work of the Holy Spirit.

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    The Second Century

    Winter 2008

    Olivet Nazarene University's general institution goals for 2008 to 2020.

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    Happy Birthday, Olivet!

    Fall 2007

    Thousands of ONU alumni and friends returned for the Homecoming 2007 festivities, a birthday party that was 100 years in the making!

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    Centennial Homecoming Edition

    Summer 2007

    Join fellow Olivetians and the entire Olivet community for a Homecoming Celebration that's been 100 years in the making! Details and registration inside.

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    A Place to Call Home

    Spring 2007

    "Sara felt a nudge from God to attend Olivet. 'It was this strong impression that God wanted this to be my home, the home I had been longing for.' Despite the hurdles that blocked her way, she was convinced it was where she should go ... "

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    Centennial Celebration Launched

    Winter 2007

    "At the turn of the twentieth century, a small group of Illinois men and women had a big dream: Christian education for their children. 100 years later, Olivet Nazarene University stands as a tangible reminder of God’s faithfulness to their sacrifice ..."

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    Education Beyond Degree

    Fall 2006

    Who is the Olivet student? Who will the Olivet student be in the next 100 years? One thing is for certain. Though the faces may change and the population may continue to grow, Olivet will forever continue to be that which she was in her humble beginnings in 1907.

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    The Future Starts Now

    Summer 2006

    "If there's an unwritten rule about taking a break after college, the Class of 2006 certainly doesn't know about it ..."

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    Go and Be Changed

    Spring 2006

    "Asked whether they would recommend off-campus study to other students, current and former participants all seem to agree: it’s not a question of whether you go, but where you should go ..."

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    Art in Motion

    Winter 2006

    "The joy is not found in the audience, and the thrill would be the same whether or not a single dime was ever made. Rather, it’s the ability to express beauty, truth and emotion that is the impetus the artist …"

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    Here I Am, Lord. Send Me.

    Fall 2005

    "As if on cue, the Olivet community immediately banded together to provide assistance in any and every way we could to the devastated Gulf Coast region. It was nothing out of the ordinary — we just continued with business as usual ..."

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    The Agenda for Excellence

    The Agenda for Excellence

     In 1992, Dr. John C. Bowling '71/'72 M.A. introduced the agenda for excellence, focusing the University's priorities on quality, vitality and unity. On the doorstep of the centennial, we take a look at the success thus far, and the Promises to Keep campaign, still ahead.

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