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  • College is a rite of passage, a significant season of transition as students leave their families (in a way) to become part of this family — the Olivet family.
  • While most colleges and universities have given up the concept of “in loco parentis,” the Latin phrase for “in the place or role of a parent,” Olivet has not. University students are, of course, young adults. They ought and need to be responsible and should not be treated as children. However, there is value in providing a safety net for those who are just learning to walk on the high wire of life, just letting go of adolescence so that they can take hold of adulthood.

    Therefore, at Olivet, we still assume a kind of parental role. We do so purposefully, believing that this is part of our mission. Why? Because we are a family, and family matters.

    My wife, Jill, was visiting with four friends from her hometown in Ohio. Each of these families has a daughter attending a different state school. In the course of the conversation, each of the mothers said to Jill, “My daughter just loves (fill in the name of her school).”

    In thinking about that conversation, Jill said to me, “Parents often wonder if their children will love the school they attend; but it seems that most young people end up liking their school.” (This may be so in part because they have nothing to which they can compare their experience.)

    “So the more important question for parents,” Jill continued, “is not, ‘Will my son or daughter love the school they attend?’ but, ‘Will the school they attend love my son or daughter?’”

    Will the school watch out for their children’s health and safety? Will the professors get to know the names of their students? Will professors pray with them and for them? Olivet seeks to be the kind of school where these questions are always answered, “yes.”

    Throughout these pages, you will find tools and resources that will help ease the transition for your family, and introduce you to ours!


    Dr. John C. Bowling,
    University President

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  • Parents and Family
  • At Olivet, we are a family — and family matters!