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Strickler Planetarium

  • Witness the history of the universe from its fiery birth to the formation of our solar system. Explore colliding galaxies and the dusty reaches of our own Milky Way. Take a tour from our own night sky to the edge of the solar system.
  • Constructed in 1967, then extensively renovated and updated in 2008, today the Planetarium features:

    • semi-circular, movie theater style planetarium seating with 50 seats under the dome
    • sound system by Bowen Technovations
    • Digistar 3 SP2 HD digital projector from Evans & Sutherland – two lenses with each covering projection for half of the dome, multimedia and full-dome video capabilities

    Strickler Planetarium offers one-of-a-kind learning opportunities for Olivet students. As an Olivet student, you can:

    • Study astronomy as part of the program for the minor in Earth and Space Sciences.
    • Experience a three-dimensional, accurate model of the night sky, solar system, galaxy and beyond.
    • Work as an operator with the Planetarium staff and present live portions of the shows.
    • Learn to use the Planetarium as a teaching tool.
    • Gain hands-on experience in science education.
    • And so much more!

    Also open to the public, the Planetarium regularly hosts community, school and other groups for private tours and shows. Audiences are immersed as never before in a three-dimensional visualization of the night sky, the solar system, the galaxy and beyond. The Digistar’s stellar database means that simulated travel through space is more than simple special effects — it’s an actual journey through an accurate model of our stellar neighborhood.

    Shows include:
    • “The Haunted Planetarium”
    • “Secret of the Cardboard Rocket”
    • “The Stars of Christmas”
    • “Dawn of the Space Age”
    • “Attack of the Space Pirates”
    • “Big Bird’s Adventure”
    • “Undiscovered Worlds”
    • “We Are Aliens”

    Check out the latest schedule of upcoming shows, or schedule a field trip for your school, by visiting Strickler Planetarium’s official website, or by contacting the Department of Chemistry and Geoscience

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  • The recently renovated Strickler Planetarium is one of a select few all-digital planetaria in the state of Illinois.

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