Camilo Giraldo

Assistant Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
School of STEM
Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering), 2021, The University of Kansas
M.S. (Mechanical Engineering), 2017, The University of Kansas
B.S. (Engineering), 2014, Olivet Nazarene University

Professor Giraldo rejoined ONU's engineering department as a full-time faculty in 2021, after working from 2014-2015 as an engineering lab manager and instructor. Prior to accepting the assistant professor position at Olivet, he taught mechanical engineering courses at The University of Kansas during his graduate education. 

His research experience includes the assessment of human motion and balance, and the development of medical devices that improve postural stability. Applying engineering concepts and principles in biomechanical  tests currently done by the medical and physical therapy fields, would allow the development of objective measures that quantify balance. An accurate human balance "ruler" offers an unbiased assessment of new therapies and medications that have the potential to prevent falls or enhance human movement.

Outside his teaching and research duties, Professor Giraldo and his wife Katelynn enjoy hiking national parks, preserving nature, and traveling the world.