Fast-track enrollment

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many families need to make up for lost time in visiting universities on their short-list. No need to worry, we have the perfect day for you to visit Olivet. Check off all your admissions boxes, and enroll like you are on “Fast Forward.” Check-in at 10am or 1pm and in one day we can bring you completely up to speed! You will have a personal enrollment expert by your side to help expedite the process and explore all of the opportunities waiting for you at Olivet.

Here is what you can expect to accomplish on an Olivet Fast Forward day:

  • Explore Olivet’s park-like campus on a tour
  • Meet your admissions counselor and be matched with Olivet opportunities
  • Get connected with potential roommates
  • Enjoy lunch with others who are considering Olivet
  • Engage with an amazing professor and explore our academic departments
  • Receive your competitive financial aid package
  • Spend time with our music faculty
  • Complete all necessary steps for enrollment with your personal Olivet expert


To register for an event, click on one of the available dates listed below: 

June 4

July 16