Pre-Professional Programs

Doctors. Lawyers. Pharmacists. Physical Therapists. Olivet boasts a multitude of alumni who credit their alma mater for their success in graduate school and professional careers.

If you believe your future includes graduate or professional study, Olivet offers a number of outstanding pre-professional degree programs to help you have the successful career you ultimately desire.

Fields for which Olivet offers pre-professional preparation include:

  • Clinical laboratory science (Suggested emphasis: biological sciences)
  • Dental (Suggested emphases: biology or chemistry)
  • Law (Suggested emphases: history, business or English)
  • Medicine (Suggested emphases: biology, chemistry or engineering)
  • Ministry (Suggested emphases: theology or Christian ministry)
  • Optometry (Suggested emphases: biology or chemistry)
  • Pharmacy (Suggested emphases: biology or chemistry)
  • Physician Assistant (Suggested emphases: biological sciences or nursing)
  • Physical Therapy (Suggested emphases: biological sciences or exercise and sports science)
  • Psychology and Counseling (Suggested emphasis: psychology)
  • Veterinary (Suggested emphasis: zoology)

Students planning to pursue one of the pre-professional programs are advised to ask the Office of the Registrar for assignment to an appropriate faculty advisor.